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First Post

Currently listening to "Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids" which is a podcast in which... well the title kind of explains it. On the surface, they are hilarious, however the short stories and letters mean so much more than just mis-spelled words and hyperbolic speech. They show a snapshot into lives of others in their adolescence. I am twenty now but I know that my writing on this little blog will still embarrass me in the future, but it is worth the documentation. So cheers to this blog in the hope that I will be able to update it for events. 

I have always been more of a paper person, clinging to an old fashioned lifestyle that I never truly lived as a millennial. I am still am not completely convinced that technology is the answer to everything and I will never take class notes on a computer. However, it is time to embrace being a millennial, because we are going to be the generation that resolves some major problems in this world. And advancements in technology will help us. 

That was a major digression.... First post. I hope this blog thing gets better soon.

Julia Bridgforth