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And The Beat Keeps Runnin'

I've been a runner for a while now. Well, running is a strong word, but I have been quickly jogging distances as a form of exercise for since my freshman year in high school. I've never been on a cross country team or had the desire to run fast, but it has always been a good way to get a nice shot of endorphines and what better complaint is there than "omg I am so sore from my run yesterday!"Absolutely none, I'll tell ya that. 

The intensity of my running patterns definitely fluctuate. But ever since coming to Cape Cod, the cool air and awesome Shining Star Bike Path has really peaked my habit, averaging about 20 miles a week. In order to crawl out of the crevice of a comfy couch, I have switched my view of the daunting task to "an hour of listening to music." As you can imagine, this has helped me create some hype playlists, including the one above. As someone who usually enjoys a chill indie folk vibe, running playlists are difficult to put together, but I am getting better and enjoying every step.

Julia Bridgforth