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The Final Countdown

Doo Da doo dooo, Da da do do dooo.... That's my attempt of trying to type out the beginning of the Final Countdown. The song means a lot to me. And when I say that, the actual lyrics are most definitely lost of me, but it is a memory trigger that brings me back to the van escapades of my Colorado Mountaineering Experience, for which the SOP (Sewanee Outing Program) actually just sent out a sign up email. At this time last year, I was questioning who I wanted to be, characterized by the activities I took part in. My transition from dirtbag freshman party-goer to dirtbag outdoors woman will probably never be a complete swap, however it is becoming increasingly easier to say no to a night of frat sludge and replace it with a day of cave sludge. So the Final Countdown represents a priority shift in my life, and it is a cliche tune to hum when leading up to a big event, maybe like FINALLY going abroad. I might insert a little audio bite for you to munch on if I am feeling fancy, but there is just so much for me to do! Which I honestly love.

So I have one week left in America! My dream to leave that has made me antsy ever since June 31st, will finally be realized and I am ready to jump on a plane, or even swim across the big Pacific Pond in order to finally be in the Land of Adventure: New Zealand! But for right now, I have oh so much work to wrap up before setting sail with S.E.A. More about that later. Right now, I just wanted to share a picture that properly represents my life at the moment, my top bun of doom. It is a sloppy mess but it is also excited. It shows that this gal is too busy to shower and is ready to just throw all her work up in the air. But it's also a characteristic frenzy, ready to dive on into some research. Currently working on a poster for Oceanography, outlining the surface water characteristics of our cruise track. I have learned a lot so far, but the most obvious little nugget of experience knowledge I have picked up is that number punching is not my thing. My biggest feat of the week was figuring out how to make two scales on a graph in Excel... That is simply not the future I want to have. My poster may not have correct information but I'll be damned if it's not gorgeous. Additionally, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am researching the transition of art culture in New Zealand, focusing on Contemporary Maori art, and supplementarily I am writing an essay on Maori tattoos (ma toko). So much knowledge, read to get slurped up just like my coffee, let the games begin ladies and gentlemen and those who do not identify as either.

Godspeed, JB.

Julia Bridgforth