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Out of the Sauce, now Lost in Translation

This post will most likely have a relatively betch-y vibe as I am half way through "Pyscho" by Babe Walker, and therefore words like chic and circa are infiltrating my current vocabulary. It's been a long day. We woke up this morning circa (there it is) 750 and had to organize and wipe down the entire cottage. Things went swiftly, and I found serenity at the sink, scrubbing crystallized cheese off Tupperware containers.

Babe would not approve.  

Babe would not approve.  

And I was off!! Away from the commune I've been residing in for the past 10 weeks. My soul felt free while Teal, Suki and I order rounds of dim sum in Boston. Although I'm very confused about what I consumed during the meal, it was a wonderful time. At south station, a couple of Jehovah's witnesses talked me through the transit process, as they were the only people who would talk to me. I made it to Logan (which is evidently a super sustainable building due to its fight against the inevitable flooding of its terminals// global warming is a bitch). I felt like a vagabond strapped with my bags, heading off for the adventure of a lifetime. Most people's lifetimes, but I'm finna have much more after this, assuming I don't fall off the boat and get consumed by a giant squid.

Anyways, my world spun as a I was denied access to my Australian flight. Speaking of Australia, we watched Endless Summer in class and I was very disappointed with my fellow classmates lack of appreciation for the retro style and endearingly ill-informed (slightly racist) humor. Besides that, I am not heading to LAX on my original flight, but with a 25 hour layover before flying directly to New Zealand without the sojourn through Sydney. I didn't want to go to that penile colony anyways. All is well, as I am finally on my way out of the country. California is honestly foreign in itself so that's an exciting adventure. I drew a little sketch of my OOTD and obviously made myself skinnier and way less disheveled. Too much time alone in my thoughts and things get weird so can't wait to see how the next leg of my travel progresses!

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