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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I'm here in the airport waiting to board a flight so I figured, might as well type a little on a screen and post a blog that might be read by my mother and a few lost internet surfers. Is surfing the Internet still a term? Who knows.  

So, LA was a great time. Definitely not my place, not because I didn't like it but more because it would chew me and spit me out like Kale, which is so two years ago. Thank god I have recently subscribed to the beauty of lulu lemon, so I was able to look assimilate into the "to and from" category of their website sales.  

We went to the Hollywood sign, got a mimosa at a rooftop bar, walked the canals of Venice, and drove bloody everywhere. Bloody, that is not a word I use. Keeping it though, because why not?

Me posing with alcohol, much chill than expected

Me posing with alcohol, much chill than expected

These a some succulents I saw.  

These a some succulents I saw.  

  I am typing in bold for this sentence because I just found out that was an option even on this little iPhone app. Gerald Hensley is an awesome friend of my parents, and it was quite interesting hearing his perspective as a New Zealander about everything that I have been writing my papers on this past 6 weeks. Helped gain perspective on ideas that I had been grasping without understanding.

So I am a little bit tipsy and a lot bit tired right now, adding up to a majorly disheveled and minorly heinous Julia at the moment. Perfect moment to meet a first mate from my ship wouldn't you say? Yes that just happened. A good tap on the shoulder from Rebecca who is currently sporting a fitted Samoa tshirt, and all comfort I felt as a faceless civilian is lost. Now she is sitting next to me and after 14 hours of nonstop conversational flow with Gerald, I can not even attempt a dialogue with Bex, as I assume would be my nickname for her if I wasn't so awkward and we became friends. On top of that, the looming idea of meeting Christina's parents is utterly frightening. But they've been sent my picture so I await that inevitable doom since they're on my flight. 

Nice! I sound antisocial and like a right biggot. I believe I think I'm British at the moment because that word does not frequent my vocabulary. Oh, it's because I'm reading Me Before You currently. Wow, books really change my writing style, I guess that means I'm not original and easily swayed, so that's great.  #imwithher #nastywoman

Update: the flight has been delayed another day and I am currently surrounded by fluffy cloud blankets and considering some room service dining. I've been here since around 4:30 AM, and have maybe gotten 3 hours of broken sleep due to weird anxieties about missing the flight or something. Words aren't really flowing like they usually do. I have some complaints about the similarities of Me Bfore You and that's Paul Rudd movie on Netflix. 

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