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Journal Entries

November 13 , 18:30
Apprehensive but excited. Very excited to disconnect from the FOMO I have been experiencing all semester. This may be late, but its finally here and I am ready to take it on, lah lah lah.

November 17, 10:52
I should probably shower today, I haven’t since Dunedin. Today turned out to be one of the best days probably of life. Since we were tucked in our little alcove, away from the gusting winds, conditions were favorable for swimming!

November 19, 13:45
Meghan woke me up at 04:45 and after grabbing a mug of chamomile, Biz and I stood watch while the sun rose and the fishermen went offshore in boats that seemed so small the from the Seaman’s deck. Once watch was over, we began FIELD DAY! For the next four hours our busy bodies scrubbed, sorted, swept, and sudded the ship to sparkle. Meanwhile our steward, our steward Chris, frolicked around in a Viking helmet and glitter dress, delivering candy. Goodnight, even though its only 14:02.

November 21, 20:37
I do need to cite my accomplishment of reciting the entire film, Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, aloud to myself on bow watch. P.S. I learned that if night clouds are white, they are clouds; they’re galaxies.

November 23, 07:59
I finally showered.

November 25, 13:45
Thanksgiving was a glorious day! Thinking of my family gathered together, holding hands and saying what we are grateful for.

November 27, 19:39
Last night was close to brutal. The fog and drizzle was a physical manifestation of my mood. Bottom line: Low. But then… SWIMCALL! The stars aligned and conditions were right so we were able to jump into the Subtropical West, thousands of meters of clear blue water below. Currently I am sitting on the cabin top with Meave, Sarah and Helen, singing hushed Christmas songs drinking chamomile. We are having PTT, which means Poetry Time. The extra “T” is a topic of discussion, but it remains. The sun is disappearing, taking it’s colorful sky with it and Venus is the main show now.

December 3, 19:38
We had a deck shower party where we rigged up the fire hose and all ran under the refreshing mist spray. Third shower now recorded.

December 4, 13:27
In the galley at one point, I looked behind my shoulder and saw Chris chopping cabbage. There was a particularly strange part of the scene which was that he has a large leaf on his head. Once catching my eye, without skipping a beat, he asked, “ Would you like a cabbage cap?” Both Lorna and I placed our galley crowns on our heads and wore them with pride for the rest of the day. I should do laundry.

December 5, 20:18
Update: I didn’t do my laundry. I haven’t journaled yet today, but it’s been particularly spectacular. Ilana turned 21 and we crossed back over to the Eastern Hemisphere, therefore Chris and Captain Pamela adorned tinfoil gremlin suits and we did the egg dance. All makes sense to you all, I am sure. It is difficult to differenciate days since our rotation does not fit into a normal lifestyle, and therefore my journal has helped me keep time straight and record little memories that could easily be skewed in the blur of science and bow watch.

Julia Bridgforth